The Way of the Dog (Paperback) UK

  1. Lisa Anderson

    The Way of the Dog is loaded with practical, easy-to-follow tips and tricks to help any dog lover create a positive, rewarding relationship with their canine companion. If you love your dog, and want to create the best environment for both your pet and your family in your home, you simply MUST read this book.
    5 Stars.

  2. matthew convoy

    Really enjoyed your display on Sunday at The Lambeth Country Show. Very well trained ducks! (just joking). Your control over the dogs in a very instinctive rather than strict/aggressive way was very compelling. I bought your book, am two thirds of the way through it and already understanding and gaining better control of our energetic dog Dolly. The method/approach you encourage is way more intuitive than any I’ve encountered before and seems to contain the solution to mastering our dog in a way that she is/will be comfortable with and accepting of. Very impressed and I will be buying a few copies of your book for family and friends.
    Matt Conroy