Book – The Way of the Dog

The Way of the Dog - Stuart Barnes

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Me, age 16 with my brother, Craig, on horseback in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
With my dogs on a muster in the misty mountains of Clarence Reserve, New Zealand
Large wild hyena feeding from the mouth of a rare human pack member
One of the precious opportunities I had to feed the wild hyenas
Chantel feeding a hyena, only seconds after these wild animals had an unnerving fight over their own pecking order right in front of her
Me feeding a wild hyena by mouth - incredible trust from both sides
One of the first wild dogs I came across in the wilds of Africa
One of the first wild dogs I came across in the wilds of Africa
One of the rarest sights in the canine world: wild dogs in West Africa enjoying the spoils of a kill
Incredible sight an extraordinary sounds as I watched this feeding frenzy unfold
One of my favorite shots of this highly endangered Ethiopian wolf
One of the Ethiopian wolves with ear tags, which keeps track of those vaccinated against domesticated dogs diseases.
An early-morning encounter - I had been up since 4 am to track this wolf
After spending three hours following her, she finally sits down and relaxes
The rarest sights of all: a pack of Ethiopian wolves with their cubs on an early frosty morning
On a lovely English day, demonstrating the "pressure on, pressure off" technique at a show
I am demonstrating here the importance of walking the dog with this recently rescued Collie
Entertaining the audience, showing how two sheepdogs use their instincts to work the ducks

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